The TasteFull Story

A talented and brazen four-piece, the TasteFull hard-alt rock sound channels 70’s R&B/Soul with a dark psychedelic rock delivery. This is music born from the chance intersection of a blues-soul hippie, a pysch rock experimentalist, a stadium rock riffer, and a classical percussion rebel.


There is an adamance for the pursuit of a vision just beyond reach, but amidst their lofty imaginings they do not stray from what is real. Beneath introspective lyrics and complex sonic pictures are four stories woven in one central love for what is new, what is unheard, and what has never been done.


Deep in the lines, somewhere out there floating in the empty sea, there is more to life. TasteFull uses the power of genuine expression to find it.

Sam Smith


Hunter Brookbank


TasteFull cut their teeth gigging everywhere in Cincinnati from breweries to Fountain Square, but the main story has unfolded from within the underground Clifton music scene. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, they were the leading force in catalyzing the 2020-2021 revival, organizing shows and connecting with bands of the area to create a network that has since flourished into a full-fledged rock community including bands such as Saving Escape, Trauma Illinois, Fat Sal, The Electric Indigo, and Dead Humor, among many more.


Pioneering past house shows, TasteFull pushed to establish Bellevue Hill Park as the summit for local music, hosting shows over the course of the summer season that have gained significant popularity and earned the attention and support of the Cincinnati Parks board. Their continued mission to improve their community and represent the music emanating from it has cultivated an expectation for the native music scene, garnering attention and support from news sources like Local 12 and coverage by numerous local music media outlets.

The band’s first impression came their debut single “Oxygen,” originally written in high school by Sam Smith. The song would go on to introduce the TasteFull sound to the Cincinnati soundscape during the COVID-19 pandemic in April of 2020, a time in which the upbeat, beachy energy of the song brought to many a sense of hope and happiness amidst the gloom of the pandemic circumstances.

With Oxygen streaming on all the notable radio stations of the Cincinnati region (and some beyond), TasteFull set out to complete their debut album “Radha,” engineered by close friend Nolan Monigold of Monigold Studios, a Clifton-native label that has brought attention to numerous rising bands of the area. Releasing on April 9, 2021, the album became the first iteration of TasteFull’s ambitious conceptual imagination.


Blending punk, reggae, psychedelic rock, grunge, and even classical sitar, the extensive musical itinerary of Radha provided a glimpse into the future of the group as not just a local hard-rock band, but a powerhouse of in-depth composition and arrangement. Their powerful musicianship and often darker lyrical content bridge the spirit of rock music with an unabridged realism towards some of life’s more difficult themes.

Frank Cassidy


Karthik Raturi


Radha impressed numerous radio DJ’s of the Cincinnati area, who gave their album ample airtime. Most notably, their track “Running in Circles” made its way to the ears of Alice Cooper in New York City, who featured the tune in his personal radio hour, “Nights with Alice Cooper.” Much has been said about this dynamic group, but Alice Cooper himself may have said it best - "TasteFull is the deja new."

On Friday, May 13, TasteFull released their latest single "Lost Another Friend,"  along with B-side "Carousel." Polished to perfection by the hands of sound engineer Mark Santangelo, whose incredible work history includes names such as the Black Pumas and Disturbed, the song takes the popular vintage sound craved by retro-enthusiasts of today and presents it in a contemporary way, making it a uniquely apt choice for radio play and online listeners alike who long for the sound of the past in today’s world.